Water Tank Cleaning & Refurbishment

Qmis will undertake water tank cleaning and refurbishment for water tanks of any size. Major savings can be made through internal refurbishment rather than expensive replacements.

Under the L8 Approved Code of Practice & Guidance for the Control of Legionella bacteria, water storage tanks must be inspected annually. The tank should be clean and free from debris and the water clear. If this is not the case then the water tank should be cleaned and disinfected. If corrosion is occurring then this should be renovated.

Water tank refurbishment is executed using special tools and equipment to loosen and remove adhered oxide, scale and debris. Tank walls are flushed and dried before the application of special tried and tested coatings which can be given a lifetime guarantee. New lids, insulation, screened overflows and vents are installed and pipe work modifications are made to rectify stagnation.

When required, Qmis will supply temporary tanks or bypass systems to maintain a constant water supply so that no shut down period is necessary. Alternatively work is carried out at times which cause the least disruption to those using the water system.
Once a water storage system has received a Qmis refurbishment, the tanks should be examined annually to comply with regulations. When necessary, they should be cleaned and disinfected. It is a more cost effective operation to service a tank that has been refurbished to a high standard. On completion of every contract a certificate of completion will be issued.