Water Quality

Qmis provides the technical expertise to assist clients in developing and implementing management solutions to improve all aspects of their water quality.

Qmis will conduct a Legionella Risk Assessment within your property which will identify levels of risk. Following the assessment any requirement for cleaning, disinfection and refurbishment will be identified and a programme for future monitoring will be recommended:

Building managers are provided with a water system log book, which can be either a paper or an electronic version, which is used to store the records of Legionella control monitoring tasks carried out, this would include;

  • Weekly flushing of little used outlets
  • Monthly temperature test results or representative outlets
  • Quarterly descaling of shower heads and spray taps
  • Annual inspection of calorifiers
  • Annual water storage tank inspection
  • 24 monthly legionella risk assessment review
  • A Water Hygiene Surveyor will visit the site at regular intervals to ensure that risks are kept in control.

Temperature and conditions will be compared with parameters detailed in L8. If conditions are identified which could possibly lead to the growth of Legionella bacteria then recommendations will be made to minimise the risk. Training can be given to your staff to enable them to carry out some certain periodic monitoring tasks.

Our water quality related services include:

  • Drinking water dispenser & vending machine monitoring
  • Investigation of drinking water appearance, taste and odour complaint
  • Water conservation assessment and advice
  • Private water supply risk assessment & monitoring
  • Swimming pool & spa bath monitoring
  • HVAC & process water risk assessment & monitoring
  • Legionella risk assessments for all water systems
  • Advice for closed systems, cooling towers and other water systems on water treatment regimes including:
    • Corrosion control & monitoring
    • Control of Pseudomonas
    • Selection of treatment chemicals
    • Independent sampling and analysis
    • Support for pre-commission cleaning
  • Effluent monitoring and consultancy
  • Specification of water treatment programmes
  • Training