Ductwork Cleaning

Qmis provide comprehensive risk assessments on ventilation systems to offer the most effective ductwork cleaning programme to remove all risk elements, whilst adhering to strict legislation.

To maintain compliance with the Approved Code of Practice from the Health and Safety Commission which states that all mechanical ventilation systems should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure that they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air.

With the use of a variety of extraction devices along with specialised mechanical brushes, air jets and manual methods, Qmis can remove all types of contamination and will disinfect where necessary. Many existing duct systems have insufficient access points to enable cleaning; Qmis will install access doors at strategic points throughout the system to enable regular inspection, cleaning and as necessary disinfection to be simply undertaken.

Our ductwork cleaning and kitchen extract services include:

  • Risk assessments¬†and condition surveys
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen canopies, filters, ductwork and fans
  • Kitchen grease extract
  • Installation of access doors to reach entire ductwork system
  • Filter supply and changes
  • Planned monitoring¬†and kitchen ductwork cleaning maintenance programmes