Technical expertise to assist clients to identify and manage asbestos containing materials within buildings.

It’s the fibres you can’t see that if inhaled can lead to several asbestos related diseases. Past exposure to asbestos kills around 3,000 people a year and this number is expected to rise further. The exposure to asbestos for most of these cases will have occurred in the past, however, the potential for further exposure in uncontrolled situations still exists and controls are required to prevent this.

With well in excess of two thousand known applications asbestos is frequently encountered within buildings. As a result many routine activities can bring workers into close proximity to asbestos containing materials. Often the material will be in a safe condition, however, where disturbed or in poor condition asbestos fibres can be released placing workers at risk. The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012 require all duty holders to identify, record and manage any asbestos within their buildings.

Our asbestos management services include:

  • Asbestos management surveys
  • Health and Safety Compliance
  • Site map
  • Detailed floor plans showing locations
  • Photographs of the locations
  • Sampling of all accessible areas (without damage) of concern of ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Details of areas of presumed concern of ACMS
  • Printed report with CD